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From our clients

“My team was traveling in Europe when flights were grounded due to the volcano ash from Iceland.  Lynn at Hobson Travel was proactive in checking for any flights possibly departing and pre-booking us (even communicating with us at 2am her time!).  She even arranged private air charter if we needed it.  I am so thankful we had Hobson Travel during that challenging time.” 

Chris R., financial services firm executive

“I live in London and planned a trip to Chicago to visit our headquarters. My flight had been cancelled but the airline failed to notify me.  Fortunately, Alexis from Hobson Travel noticed and called me at my home to ask how she could help.  She got me re-booked on what were seemingly completely sold-out flights and changed my hotel dates. Had Hobson Travel not been proactive, I would have missed my meeting and been charged a no-show fee from the hotel.” 

Fiona C., consulting firm executive

“My anniversary fell during one of my business trips to New York City.  I didn’t realize that Hobson Travel had a relationship with the Trump Hotel.  Cori worked with my assistant to fly my husband to New York.  In addition, she worked directly with the Sales Manager at the Trump.  We had a special anniversary bottle of champagne in the room, a free upgrade, and guaranteed reservations at Jean and Georges for dinner.  All at no additional cost.  Now that is special service!” 

Jolynn S., medical sales executive

“I left my cell phone in a limo car while traveling to New York.  My assistant thought to call Debbie at Hobson Travel.  Within 4 hours, my cell phone was delivered to me at my hotel.  I was so thankful!” 

Glenn D., hedge fund president

“I had a very important business trip to South America during a particularly tumultuous political environment.  Hobson Travel arranged for an armed security guard to travel with me.  I found out later they followed my location during each leg of my itinerary and ensured that I was checked in safely to my hotels.  I felt very safe knowing Hobson Travel cared this much for my well-being.” 

Joe M., mergers and acquisitions lawyer

“It seems that almost every time I fly internationally, my travel advisor arranges for my first-class upgrade and my special meal request. Not even my seasoned and long-term executive assistant can pull off what Hobson Travel does for me"

Chris R., international manufacturing company executive

“My boss had been working particularly hard and mentioned he needed a weekend off.  I asked my Hobson Travel contact for advice.  She connected me to Debbie, one of their leisure advisors.  She planned a two-night stay at the Ritz Carlton in town.  It included a box of personalized cookies in their room (my boss loves cookies), an upgraded suite, and a spa credit.  Not only that, they arranged dinner reservations for my boss and his wife at their favorite restaurant.  He and his wife were delighted.  Hobson Travel made my look like a rock-star!”  

Rose M., executive assistant