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Judy O'Malley

Affiliated Advisors

Question1: What makes you an outstanding travel advisor?

After many years of researching and planning trips for all of our friends and family, my husband suggested that I “take it to the next level” – that is, to take formal courses and put out my shingle as a professional in the business of travel.  After all, as a wine sales person for a wine distributor and importer, I had travel extensively in Europe and dealt with sales on a daily basis. It seemed a perfect match.

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Question 2: How do you keep abreast of all the fabulous opportunities for your clients?

In my new capacity I faced many challenges in putting together trips with the client’s highest expectations, however these challenges made me a better agent for having done so. The most rewarding part of my job is the post trip conversation with my client who tells me how the trip was so fabulous they will do it again and again or when they look forward the next adventure I arrange for them. Or when they have fallen in love with a particular place that I suggested. Or when they are surprised about how much they liked the destination even though they were not sold on it to begin with.

Question 3: How do you keep abreast of all the fabulous opportunities for your clients?

I keep up with every aspect of new travel trends and news about places that I may think I know everything there is to know about, but always find something new to learn. This is important in helping me to guide the client to the right destination and experience.

Patty Kessler

Affiliated Advisors

Question1: Why do clients like working with you?

I consider myself an expert in client service. My clients generally have my cell number and I am very responsive via email. My clients appreciate the personalized and custom service. While I am extremely qualified and arrange travel all over the world (especially with our Virtuoso connections) I most often arrange experiences in North America including Alaska and Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. I specialize in luxury travel and private experiences for my clients. I provide custom itineraries with private and exclusive experiences that can include private restaurant reservations, yachting, private villas and general concierge services.

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Question 2: Tell us a littlbe about you?

I have a degree from Southern Illinois University, AA English as well SIU Travel and Tourism. I have personally traveled all over North America including Hawaii, Alaska and Canada. I have travelled to Mexico including Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, the Caribbean including St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, St. Barts, Montserrat, Antigua and Tortola. In Europe I have been many places including Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, England, Middle East, Tunisia.